Public Law

Background Information about the Department
The Department of Public Law was established as one of the two founding departments which came into existence in 1991/92 academic session, the same session when Faulty of Law came into being. Since then, the department has continued to grow.
Vision and Mission Statement
Since the establishment of Faculty of Law, Public Law has been an effective department in the Faculty.
The vision of the department is to promote quality research, teaching, seminar and the propagation knowledge in the area of Public Law and wider appreciation and dissemination of its importance to the general public. The vision of the department is also to ensure that the students in the Faculty have a broad and in-depth knowledge in the areas of Public Law. The e-learning system introduce by the University coupled with quality teaching by lecturers would go a long way in achieving this vision. The department offers various consultancy/legal services to members of society on a pro-bono basis.