The Department of Business and Industrial Law, Faculty of Law, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti is one of the four departments in the faculty. The Senate of the University gave approval for its take off at its 231st regular meeting held on Wednesday, 27th April 2016. The department commenced operation formally on  Monday the 1st day of August, 2016 .
Vision and Mission of the Department
The Vision of the department is to promote adequate knowledge in business and industrial law through  teaching, research , seminars and interaction with industrial and business organizations within and outside Nigeria. The students , by the quality of training received both at the undergraduate  and postgraduate levels are expected  to apply the knowledge acquired to function effectively in any organizations where they find themselves either as employees or as an  entrepreneur. To achieve the vision of the Faculty in line with the vision of the university, e-learning is encouraged  with the use of the internet to obtain information. The problem solving approach is employed through case law assessment of judicial pronouncements. The department offers wide range of consultancy services in addition to pro-borno legal services to indigent members of the society.  The department organizes public lectures and seminars to address contemporary legal issues of interest in business and industrial matters.