Civil Engineering

A Brief History of The Department

The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the pioneer Departments in Faculty of Engineering established in 1985 along with Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department and Mechanical Engineering Department and all took off as the Faculty of Engineering under the leadership of Prof. B. D. Ako (Dean of Science) who oversaw the then new Faculty of Engineering for one year between 1985 and 1986. Afterwards Prof. V. A. Williams took over (1986-1988) to develop the three Departments then in the Faculty.

The Department was created in response to the perceived need for “functional engineers” in the country towards achieving national goals. The programme in civil engineering is designed to produce civil engineers that can meet the challenges and develop problem solving research in all areas of specialization in civil engineering. Civil Engineering is concerned with the planning, design, construction, maintenance and environmental impact of building roads, airports, waterways, railways, bridges, tunnels, docks, offshore structures, dams, water supply, drainage and irrigation system/schemes, and other major works.

Civil engineering student are train to keep abreast of the global changes in technology in the field of civil engineering and allied fields, by pursuing self-improvement programmes.

The department offers programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels

Graduate Degree Programme

The Department offers graduate programme leading to Master of Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in specialist areas including:
  1. Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  2. Geotechnical Engineering
  3. Structural Engineering
  4. Highway and Transportation Engineering

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Undergraduate Degree Programme

The department offers an undergraduate programme leading to the award of the honours degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering). The programme alternates of academic training in the school with periods of practical experience in industry. Our well equipped laboratories are available to enhance the training of students in the practical and experimental aspects of their courses. For Detail