General Services and Academic Programmes
The Faculty now has seven Departments which provide, in addition to the traditional subjects, an appropriate platform for the mounting of courses in General Studies. The seven Departments are:
(a)  Department of English and Literary Studies
(b) Department of French
(c) Department of History and International Studies
(d) Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages
(e) Department of Philosophy
(f) Department of Religious Studies
(g) Department of Theatre and Media Arts

Admission Requirements and Entry Qualifications
See the admission requirements and entry qualification stipulated for each Department in the Handbook.

Registration of Courses, Enrolment and Duration of Study
Registration for all fresh students admitted is handled by the Faculty Office  during the registration exercise. The normal duration of study is 4 years for the academic programmes of the Faculty, except for Direct Entry candidates who qualify for 3 years programme.
Requirements for Course Work and Minimum Units To Graduate
See the requirements stipulated for each Department as contained in the Handbook.