A Brief History of The Department

The Department began by offering undergraduate degree in Religious Studies alone and later in four programmes including, Religious Studies, Christian Religious Studies, Arabic and Islamic Studies and African Traditional Religion. At present, there are two major programmes in the Department, including Arabic and Islamic Studies and Christian Religious Studies. The Department also publishes an annual peer-review Journal called Ado Journal of Religions.

The past and current Heads of Department are: Rev. G.O. Abe (Coordinator with Philosophy) 1982-1983, Dr. G.O. Abe 1983-1986, Dr. G.O. Abe 1986-1988, Prof. E. Dada Adelowo 1988-1990, Dr. G.O. Abe 1990-1992, Dr. G.O. Abe 1992-1994, Dr. T.F. Jemiriye 1995-1997, Prof. E. Dada Adelowo 1998-1999, Dr. T.F. Jemiriye 1999-2000, Dr. M.A. Abdu-Raheem 2000-2001, Dr. M.A. Abdu-Raheem 2001-2002, Dr. T.F. Jemiriye 2003-2007, Dr. M.A. Abdu-Raheem 2007-2012,  Dr. S.O. Eniola (2012 to 2014), Dr O.N. Olawoyin (2014-2016) and Dr Mrs M.Y. Ojo (2016- ).