A Brief History of the Department
The Department was one of the earliest academic disciplines in the University that prided many of the distinguished scholars in the world of Nigerian history both as tutors and distinguished scholars in the study of history. Over the years, the Department expanded her scope of studies in International Studies to make the discipline more acceptable in creating avenues for the scholars in the field to be open to more opportunities in the labour market.

Many of the teachers that have passed through the Department in supporting the University to build excelling scholars through the Department include Prof. A. Fajana, Prof. S.A. Akintoye, Prof. F. Omosini, Prof. S. Olu Agbi, Prof. A. Arifalo, Prof. Isola Olomola, Dr. Mrs. F.E. Renner, Dr. F.O. Alao and Dr. Mrs. A.T. Ajayi, to mention a few. The current Head of Department id Dr Emmanuel O. Ojo