A Brief History of The Department

The Department of English and Literary Studies started in 1982/83 academic session as one of the pioneer Departments of the University with three Lecturers including Dr. E.B. Uwatt, Dr. A.O. Asaolu, Mr. J.F. Wiredu and 18 undergraduates. In 1983/84 academic session, Prof. Oyin Ogunba became the Head of Department and Coordinator of Language Programme. By 1992, the Department tutorial bench had risen and included Lecturers like Z.A. Adejumo, C.B.A. Okunnunga, J.O. Nwabuwe, Hope Eghagha, T.O. Bamisaye, Nelson O. Fasina, V.O. Ogheide, J.O. Bello and A.O. Ajayi. The current Head of Department is Dr (Mrs) O.K. Owoeye.
The Philosophy
Since inception of the Department, the academic programme has been a combination of English Language and Literature in English.
The Objectives and Mission Statement
1.To provide its students with a sound knowledge of the English Language and Literature in English, develop their skills in basic Language usage and expose them to the various forms of oral and written Literature in English or translated into English;
2.To expose the students to the structure of English Language, Literature and Civilization;
3.To enable students communicate fluently with people whose first/second Language is English;
4.To comprehend and insightfully analyze Literary texts in English Language and translate English skilfully to literary, professional and technical texts;